Bridal Wear

Bridal Wear

A carefully designed machine process to be gentle on your delicate Bridal/Heavy work wear with embellishments, ornamentation or fragile fabrics. We ensure zero damage to the garments.

We dry clean and wash your household items

When your house looks great, it feels even better. That’s why we offer cleaning services for all the fabrics that make your home a place of comfort and style. We’ll get you back in time so you can enjoy being at home again!

We offer professional laundering or dry-cleaning on items like comforters, curtains, towels and tablecloths when they need to be cleaned professionally but are too large to do yourself; leave them with us while living life elsewhere – then come pick up clean linens that are ready for use whenever you want them!

Leave cleaning your tablecloths and cloth napkins to us

You enjoy your family dinner, we’ll worry about the clean-up. Set the table with your favorite table linens and cloth napkins then simply drop them off at french Laundry when you’re done! We’ll take it from there so that you can spend less time cleaning up and more time doing what you love without a big pile of dirty laundry to contend with after dinner.

Keep your towels clean, fresh, and soft

French Laundry provides a service that will not only save you time, but also provide the cleanest possible towels. Qsec Dry Cleaners will wash and dry your towels so its as if they never took up room in your house!

Let French Laundry help you do the rest of the laundry too

Laundry is a constant and never-ending battle. As soon as you’re done, more piles up to take its place. It’s not fair! Let French Laundry  help lighten the load with our laundry services that can wash, dry, fold, steam press your clothes.


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