Steam Press

Steam Press

With our Steam press service, you can be assured that each fabric is steam pressed at the correct temperature using the right technique.

French Laundry go the extra mile to keep your clothes looking their best

We, at French Laundry, go above and beyond to ensure you look your best. Our ‘Seven-point’ inspection starts with advanced spot treatment and stain removal, ensuring that all stains are effectively removed from the fabric before being sent for cleaning.

In addition, our dry cleaning process uses advanced technology and ultra-high quality solvents, designed specifically for delicate fabrics like sarees, heavy dresses or woolens; this means garments will not only last longer but also retain their natural softness without feeling stiff. This is followed by steam treatment in order to remove all traces of dirt residue left behind on synthetics such as polyester or cotton blends.

We at  French Laundry proudly make sure every piece is meticulously inspected throughout the entire washing process; hence we can guarantee that it arrives back looking much better than how we received it.

We even dry clean leather jackets, silk dresses, and other special-care garments

We put our best efforts to maintain the same look you fell in love with on the clothing rack. Our professional staff is trained to handle even the most interesting colours and textures, like leather, velvet or silk. In every way, French Laundry will keep your wardrobe looking its best.

Know more about our advanced dry cleaning and stain removal processes at How We do it.


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