Roll Press

Roll Press

Make your sarees & shirts look pristine and brand new with our professional roll press service that’ll smooth out even the deepest wrinkle.

We offer a comprehensive range of dry-cleaning services to keep your favorite dresses looking as good as new. Our services include :


We carefully examine the garment and identify any potential areas that may need more attention or special treatment, including stains from food or beverages, cosmetics products, sweat and wool felt with dyes in them which can bleed into other materials; we provide recommendations on how best to clean it.


With our eco-friendly cleaning process, no harsh chemicals are used during dry-clean or wash. Resultantly your dress is restored back to its original beauty once again!

Display your dresses and gown while keeping it safe in our dress preservation packing.

After carefully cleaning your special clothes, gowns, ghagras and alike, we preserve them inside a see through and acid-free packing, so you can view it at any time while keeping it safe for years to come.

Worry less about the wedding dress dry cleaning cost

You won’t have to sacrifice your budget for high-quality service with our competitive pricing. Our wedding dress cleaning starts at a reasonable price. Actual pricing varies by location, so call us today for more information.

Make every detail perfect with professional wedding dress steaming and pressing

We’ll remove every last wrinkle from your wedding gown, so your dress is picture-perfect for your special day. Wedding dresses with satin, silk, chiffon, lace, and tulle require special attention, and our experts at French Laundry know how to steam and press the most fragile fabrics to keep them looking their best.


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